15 thoughts on “Orthodontic Home Care Instructions | Braces | Brushing

  1. I remember that i took motrin pill and then i pass out (my immune system is very weak).

  2. i just got braces today and this really nice vid help me a lot and it gave me more enthusiasm

  3. I got my braces today i was sooo scared it was gonna hurt but it dint at all i fact in the procedure of putting braces doesnt inclue anything painful 0 pain for sure and i got mine an hour ago and it seems fine till now

  4. I just got my braces today and uhm, I feel good thus far, no discomfort or pain whatsoever, im not sure tomorrow, im sure the pain will kick in huhuhjs help i cant drink tablets

  5. I take 10 minutes to brush my teeth, then there’s people that are telling me they only brush for 30 seconds ✋🥲, let’s talk pls

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